About us

Monte Gentile's Kennel was officially reconognized by F.C.I. in 1997 but Roberto Corteggiani bred Schnauzers since the beginning of the ‘80s.

His  first Schnauzers were Giants, but after some years he was catched in  Black Minies, whom fast collected great results. In 1999 he won the “ CAJELLI TROPHY”, one of the most prestigious goals for Breeder, with himself bred "Harold", top dog 1th # All breeds

In year 2008  Roberto Corteggiani has been awarded by Germany Kennel Club (VDH) of BARON V.GINGINEN's prize, the most important recognition for a Breeder of German breeds.

His Minies got many and many titles in every Country round the world, doing wellknow the name of MONTE GENTILE Black Miniature Schnauzers.

Currently  Black Minies “Di Monte Gentile” are considered an example of beauty and equilibrium.

Few years ago he started to breed  these wonderful, funny, little dogs with Mrs. Alessandra Franco ( Invicta's Kennel).

Roberto Corteggiani with Alessandra Franco lives in Orvieto, Umbria.